XyberNET is located in San Diego Ca.  We have been supplying software to the credit insurance industry since 1979.  Xybernet is the exclusive provider of the Xycor systems.  xyclaim, xycard, xyadmin, xycredit, xyGap, eSolutions, xyDebtpro

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Technical Consulting/ Programming

To be competitive, organizations need high levels of expertise in many different complex technical specialties. Yet, if you're like many organizations, you may find it impractical to keep permanent staff for each specialty through times of dramatically fluctuating business conditions. There are often equally dramatic shifts in the need for specific skills from project to project. Or you may be in a situation where the skills exist in your organization but just can't be made available for a new project due to critical ongoing work.

Whether you're looking to enhance productivity, extract core business logic from an existing system for migration to more advanced environments or develop new capabilities, XyberNET's experienced team of experts collaborates with you to support your organization's business objectives. Whatever your needs, we're ready to assist with a full complement of professional and experienced people willing and able to get the job done.

With over 25 years of experience in providing professional services to clients ranging in size from small to Fortune 500 companies, our staff is highly experienced in a variety of technologies. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Systems Integration - Integrating existing systems with new technologies to enhance operations and productivity and reduce costs.


  • Data Warehousing - High-powered Business Intelligence solutions, with extensive knowledge in:

    • ETL

    • Database design

    • OLAP design

    • Report design

    • Metadata design


  • Data Conversions - Proven techniques that maximize data accuracy and integrity.


  • Programming/Consulting - Technical expertise ranging from C#, ASP, HTML and Visual Basic to Cobol and CICS, including knowledge of a variety of platforms.


  • Relational Database Solutions - Support for DB2, UDB and SQL Server applications.