XyberNET is located in San Diego Ca.  We have been supplying software to the credit insurance industry since 1979.  Xybernet is the exclusive provider of the Xycor systems.  xyclaim, xycard, xyadmin, xycredit, xyGap, eSolutions, xyDebtpro

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Business Continuity and Disaster Prevention

You’re certain business continuity is a strategic necessity, making operations and revenue possible.

Are you just as certain that your disaster recovery capabilities are keeping pace with the demands for higher levels of information availability?

Business continuity is a strategic imperative and a competitive advantage in an environment where you must plan for the unexpected, maintain operations, and meet regulatory demands. Just think of the daily volume of emails, transactions, and archived data that have to be secured and readily available. And all of this against shrinking recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO and RPO).

XyberNET offers Dedicated Disaster Recovery

In a services related economy, companies large and small are reviewing how well prepared they are for disasters. They need to know what contingency plans are in place, how quickly operations will be restored and what their potential risk exposure is for disasters. In the event of a disaster, quick access to reliable data is imperative. Unexpected events can cause companies to lose access to data and in some cases, lose the data permanently.

To deal with the unexpected, a company must develop plans to restore and gain access to data quickly so operations can resume with as little interruption as possible. Developing a plan internally can be time consuming and difficult to complete. XyberNET has the expertise to take on this burden. XyberNET works with our clients to understand their business and recovery requirements and we develop a secure, scalable and reliable Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solution to fit their schedule and budget.

XyberNET offers dedicated Disaster Recovery Services for Mainframe and Open Systems environments customized to fit our clients' needs. Our turnkey, secure data storage and backup solutions ensure our client’s are up and running, recovering important data, and restoring operations quickly and accurately.

In today's world, the only true "Data Insurance" is provided by consistently managed backup services.

xySTOR Remote Backup Services from XyberNET offers just that – an automated, enterprise-class, remote backup solution supported by our industry-leading service guarantees.

  xySTOR Remote Backup Programs:

  • Remote Backup Disk to Disk

  • Virtual Server Replication Service

  • Remote Data Replication

xySTOR Remote Backup Disk to Disk

Peace of mind begins with company-wide backup.

Using xySTOR, you can rest assured that your data is always protected and continuously available. We automatically back up your distributed servers, workstations, and PCs over existing, secure Internet connections. And, we continuously monitor and manage this service to ensure that your data is protected and fully restorable. Providing you offsite backup of your critical data and peace of mind.

xySTOR Virtual Server Replication Services

With Virtual Server Replication Services (VSR), all aspects of the replication, failover and recovery are monitored and managed. VSR provides continuous availability and failover capabilities that are far more cost effective than owning and operating your own secondary data center. Designed to support both physical virtual Windows® environments, it combines virtualization technology, Best-in-Class recovery capability and managed production services, and is ideal for primary applications requiring a sub-6 hour Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

xySTOR Advanced Recovery with Vaulting Service

Lost tapes. Damaged tapes. Lengthy tape back-up and retrieval times. Compromised data.

If your business is finance, law, accounting, insurance, health care, education, retail, or any business that depends on restoring data quickly and reliably, you should consider xySTOR Advanced Recovery with Vaulting Services over tape-based disaster recovery.

xySTOR AdvancedRecovery with Vaulting is an on-line data back-up service that uses a secured Internet connection to transfer back-up information directly to a disk-based, electronic vaulting location. 

Vaulting provides scheduled, automated back-up to a secure Tier 4 data center, cutting back on your reliance on tape-based back-up and recovery. And, when you get this service, we can easily make it part of a complete recovery solution.


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XyberNET is located in San Diego Ca.  We have been supplying software to the credit insurance industry since 1979.  Xybernet is the exclusive provider of the Xycor systems.  xyclaim, xycard, xyadmin, xycredit, xyGap, eSolutions, xyDebtpro

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