XyberNET is located in San Diego Ca.  We have been supplying software to the credit insurance industry since 1979.  Xybernet is the exclusive provider of the Xycor systems.  xyclaim, xycard, xyadmin, xycredit, xyGap, eSolutions, xyDebtpro

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Business Analysis

A long standing problem in business is knowing how to get the best return from your IT investments, which are generally very expensive and of critical, often strategic, importance. A good business analyst helps you understand and define your requirements, improve efficiency, reduce waste and complete projects on time.

At XyberNET, we not only understand software, but we also understand the credit insurance, debt protection and data warehousing industries. We have been assisting our clients to analyze their business requirements and IT needs for over 25 years. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff work with you and your staff to:

  • Support your organization's vision, mission, goals and objectives by working to completely understand your technical and end-user requirements

  • Analyze objectives, processes and resources and suggest ways by which redesign or improvements could be made

  • Help your organization to improve the way in which it conducts its functions and activities in order to reduce overall costs, provide more efficient use of scarce resources and better support your customers

  • Promote the use of technology throughout your organization

  • Save money and resources

  • Speed up and make more flexible all aspects of your operations

Business Analysis Services

We also understand how important it is to listen to our clients and, because we're industry experts, we know the right questions to ask to obtain the information we need. Some of our business analysis services include:

On-Site Study

For organizations that may be looking for new software to process their business, or a new way to process their business on their existing system, our business analysis services include performing an on-site study. An on-site study involves detailed meetings between our experts and yours to obtain a thorough understanding of your organization, your business and your customers. A typical study includes the following:

  • Executive Meeting: To clarify your corporate goals and objectives

  • Departmental Walk-thru: To observe and document what your staff does, how they do it and why they do it

  • Sales and Marketing Meeting: To understand the corporate direction for marketing your products

  • Technical Review: To review your current system and data structures and to understand all possible conversion issues

  • Reporting Needs: To understand your reporting requirements

Information obtained from the above meetings is then written into a document highlighting our findings and includes our recommendations. In addition to providing this document to you in written form, our business analysis team formally presents it to the appropriate individuals within your organization.

Post-Implementation Audits (PIA)

For existing XyberNET clients, our knowledgeable business analysts conduct on-site Post-Implementation Audits. The purpose of these audits is to observe, document and report how they are utilizing the XYCOR Systems.  These experienced business analysts analyze everything from the entry of data to the executives' use of system data. The ultimate product of a PIA is a comprehensive report that can be used as a guide to implement changes that will increase productivity and provide better customer service.

Information Strategy Review

XyberNET's knowledge of insurance data processing, debt protection and data warehousing allows us to evaluate your information requirements and develop solutions to fit your needs.

The Information Strategy Review is a formal audit process that utilizes our industry knowledgeable staff to understand your data analysis, management information and reporting needs. Detailed consultation is provided on areas ranging from sales and marketing, to premium and claims administration to regulatory and financial reporting. The ultimate product of the Information Strategy Review is a comprehensive strategic report that will outline your information goals and make recommendations on how best to achieve those goals.

XyberNET's business analysts work with you to ensure that you gain maximum returns on your information technology investments.