XyberNET is located in San Diego Ca.  We have been supplying software to the credit insurance industry since 1979.  Xybernet is the exclusive provider of the Xycor systems.  xyclaim, xycard, xyadmin, xycredit, xyGap, eSolutions, xyDebtpro

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XyMaster – a Master Policy / Dealer Agreement Administration System

XyMaster provides complete administration of a company’s quotes, master policies or dealer agreements.  XyMaster enables clients to configure their offerings into products and overall product groups, specifying the rating attributes and parameters; provide quotes to agents for their prospects, and then ultimately issue and endorse the master policy / agreements. 

XyMaster’s flexibility makes it an incredibly useful tool for administering agreements for a variety of products including collateral protection, mortgage fire/dwelling, flood, aftermarket (tire and wheel, etch, service contracts, etc).  For simple or complex rating structures, you need xyMaster.


XyMaster’s sophisticated master policy/agreement quote function provides consistent, complete, and accurate product quotes to your agents and prospects. This function is flexible to enable customization of your quotes to fit the needs and desires of the agent, yet features edits and permissions that will keep you in compliance with your state filing and internal requirements.  To assist with the negotiation process, quotes may be copied, modified as desired and a new quote printed, while maintaining all of the historical information. 

The quote process includes the ability to enter the agent’s requested options/rates,  then process those with respect to your state filings, letting you make decisions regarding the final outcome.

Master Policies / Agent Agreements

Once everyone is in agreement and the deal has been struck, finalize it all with the issuance of the master policy or agent agreement.  The generation of contract documents has never been easier!  This process turns the quote into a complete series of records that enables the tracking and printing of all further activity for this agreement.   All of the rates, limits, and processing guidelines are created when these records are issued.  When the issuance process is complete, a contract documents XML file may be generated containing as much or as little information as desired.

Additional Interested Parties

The system provides the means to identify all of the entities with any interest in the deal.  They may be investors, property owners, partners, lienholders or other persons/organizations that may or may not need to be named on the contractual documents. 

Master Policy / Agent Agreement Endorsements

Over time, the terms of contracts change and those changes are recorded in the system, both to effect the proper processing and provide the proper documentation.   The endorsements function automatically creates a new date-specific version of the master policy / agreement enabling the use of general change endorsements, coverage endorsements and interested party endorsements.  The endorsement summary history of the master policy / agreement is viewable on the Additional Information screen, while the complete details of every version of the master policy / agreement is retained and viewable online.

Quote, Master Policy / Agent Agreement Print

The culmination of the process is a printed master policy / agent agreement ready to send to your agent.  XyMaster generates an XML file in either a batch or an online mode that sends all of the data to your document processing system.  This includes a list of all of the forms associated with the master policy / agent agreement, the variable data such as coverage code, rates, specifics of the agreement such as the limits and deductibles selected, surcharges and extras included.  Everything needed to complete the printing of the documents is sent so full documents can be printed!   


The Configuration


Table Driven Configuration Provides for Unlimited Flexibility

Whether you have 3 products or 200, the table driven configuration process provides amazing flexibility.  Define your own rating attributes; the names, characteristics and rate impact at the coverage, collateral, insurer, state, product, product group level or any combination of the above fields.  Form data for printing purposes may be defined at these same levels.

Dynamic Configuration Keeps the Processes Moving

Since the xyMaster configuration process all happens through tables, at any point, additional configuration details may be added or existing entries updated to ensure that quotes and master policies move swiftly through the system.  All is in the hands of the users, eliminating the need for IT involvement.

Further expediting the progression of a quote or coverage endorsement, default values can be established at every turn so throughout the process, the most commonly used choices may be pre-selected with the ability for those to be overridden or added to.

Controls Keep You in Compliance

The system helps keep you in compliance in several ways. Configuration features provide the ability to exclude conflicting products and coverages from the same quote; as well as to require the presence of prerequisite coverages, if so defined. Because state filing information is included in the configuration data, if an agent’s requested rates/limits, etc., are applied to the quote but put the quote too far outside of the state filing, it is flagged as an error.    The licensing system interface enables you to validate that the agent is shown as licensed in your licensing system for the products included in the quote, and as of the effective date of the quote.  The product authority edit confirms that the agent is authorized by your organization to sell those products and coverages for the insurers and states included in the quote.    

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XyberNET is located in San Diego Ca.  We have been supplying software to the credit insurance industry since 1979.  Xybernet is the exclusive provider of the Xycor systems.  xyclaim, xycard, xyadmin, xycredit, xyGap, eSolutions, xyDebtpro

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