XyberNET is located in San Diego Ca.  We have been supplying software to the credit insurance industry since 1979.  Xybernet is the exclusive provider of the Xycor systems.  xyclaim, xycard, xyadmin, xycredit, xyGap, eSolutions, xyDebtpro

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Client #1

“XyberNET set the bar against which we measure other vendors. XyberNET is very attentive to our needs and those of the user community. They are one of the few vendors who actually listen to the clients to make improvements in their systems.”

Manager of Insurance Applications



Client #2

“XyberNET has been a primary vendor for us for over 20 years. They continue to be the leader in their segment and deliver quality products and services.

If you are in the market for credit insurance or debt protection / supplemental insurance systems, they are the one you need to contact.”

Director/ CIO



Client #3

“XyberNET has been providing ASP and programming resources for us in support of the Xycor Systems for more than 10 years. They are always there when we need them and they are knowledgeable, reliable and efficient - real experts. The systems include all the functionality we need. Our arrangement with XyberNET has been both productive and cost effective, saving us money and keeping our backlog of work orders to a minimum. It’s been a real success.”

Sr. VP / CIO



Client #4

"XyberNET has been our ASP for over ten years. During this time we have been very impressed by their experience, professionalism and reliability as they continually exceed our expectations. They are responsive to our needs and continue to move their systems forward to meet new business challenges. We have enjoyed our relationship and look forward to continuing a great partnership."




Client #5

“Our organization has used the Xycor Systems since 1986 and XyberNET has been our ASP since 1997. We recently accessed our options (in-house vs. outsource, Xycor vs. other systems) and we found that Xycor and XyberNET provide the most comprehensive credit insurance administrative package available.”

Senior Vice President



Client #6

"Our Life Insurance Company has been a XyberNET client since February 1998. During this time they have provided our company with excellent service, suggestions and personal attention to modify their system to conform to our products. Their quick responsiveness to our questions and great level of service put them ahead of their competition.

We are also very pleased with the Application Services (ASP) arrangement, which affords high availability access to the hosted applications which are effectively managed, maintained and supported by XyberNET's competent staff and adequate technical resources. XyberNET's selection of new products shows us they are keeping up with the changing workplace and are ready to help with all our system needs.

I can confidently recommend XyberNET as a solid and reliable supplier, and as experts in their field."

Assistant Director- IT & Operations Manager



Client #7

“XyberNET exemplifies the meaning of the term ‘Partnership’. The relationship with XyberNET is more than a typical vendor / client relationship, it is truly a joint collaboration to achieve what is best for our business. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Manager of Insurance Applications



Client #8

“The team at XyberNET is very professional, courteous and very well experienced in the support of our business and more importantly the day to day processing of our data. They have continued to provide a very good on-time performance from the hosted platform our business resides on. The functionality and performance of their system is very dependable and accurate, and any issues are immediately addressed and dealt with.

At all times our team has direct access to a high level of technical expertise across many different areas. The team at XyberNET is fair, honest and trustworthy in their work and dealings. Communications have been excellent and response times very much in line if not better than expected. They employ a great team of project managers who again are very knowledgeable, and have satisfied and listened to the needs relevant to our business.

We are happy to recommend XyberNET and confident that any company will experience the same satisfaction in service that we have received.”

CEO & President



Client #9

“We have been a XyberNET customer since 1985, running on our mainframe. We utilize xyCredit, xyClaim and Datarray. For most of this time, we had a three-person internal team for front-line support, reporting and small to medium system modifications. Larger projects were outsourced to XyberNET as well as training and upgrade assistance. Our three-person team had almost two decades of collective experience working with XYCOR.

In November of 2008, we made the difficult decision to outsource, and expanded our services with XyberNET to include outsourcing the majority of our XYCOR Systems support to XyberNET. The implementation was implemented in February of 2009 and has been extremely successful for us.

There were several compelling factors driving the decision to outsource:

  • Lack of productivity and system expertise. While our resources supported the XYCOR Systems for many years, we realized that they did not really know the system and were going to XyberNET for support / problem resolution assistance anyway.
  • Cost / overhead associated with the management of the internal resources
  • Difficulty and cost when upgrading XYCOR due to the many system changes that we made that were not included in the base code
  • Constantly increasing back-log of work requests
Our outsourcing agreement with XyberNET has been very successful for us in a number of ways:

  • It has allowed us to complete projects in a more timely fashion with increased quality.
  • If the modification we need is specific to us, it is made to the base XYCOR code so that it will be available in future releases and not have to be modified or applied again when we do an upgrade.
  • While we have an outsourcing agreement with XyberNET, they still have maintained their support/problem resolution agreement that goes with yearly maintenance agreements. Corrections to problems are not billed towards our outsourcing agreement.
  • We are not limited to just three resources. We assign projects to XyberNET and they use their full range of resources to get the assignments completed. When we need additional capacity to manage high-priority or fast-tracked projects, XyberNET is able to apply additional resources to meet those needs. This means that we can have more assignments executed concurrently, which has reduced our back-log of requests.
In closing, outsourcing our XYCOR support to XyberNET has benefitted us with lower overall costs, higher quality and easier upgrades. Thank you, XyberNET."

Vice President, Applications



XyberNET is located in San Diego Ca.  We have been supplying software to the credit insurance industry since 1979.  Xybernet is the exclusive provider of the Xycor systems.  xyclaim, xycard, xyadmin, xycredit, xyGap, eSolutions, xyDebtpro

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